On Peace


Some days it feels as if the world is falling apart. The news is heartbreaking and worrisome. It feels as if we’re being pulled into a deep pit of fear and despair. ‘What can I do’, we ask. ‘I am only one person on this planet, one voice, how can I possibly make a difference?’

Like you, I have felt swept along with the tide of hopelessness, yet it isn’t in my nature to give up or to admit defeat. I have a strong core that bears me up and has me thinking about solutions, not allowing myself to become buried in the negative energies.

I am a Baby Boomer. I marched for Peace, 50 miles, as a 15-year-old, barely knowing the politics of why I was walking, only knowing that I had to take part. Our generation longed for Peace at a time when it was far more challenging to spread the word. We relied on newspapers, TV and the radio. There was no social media, no internet, and the world was a vast place almost impossible to reach out to. Yet we made our voices heard through powerful protests, through our music and through our messages of Peace and Love.

Here we are again, much older and wiser, battle-scarred, yet holding the same message of Peace and Love. There is a sense of ‘if not now, when?’ Also a feeling of ‘if not us, then who?’ The time is now and it really is up to us, every single one of us regardless of age, race or religion.

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Words to truly live by from Mahatma Ghandi. So, what does this actually mean? How do we bring this into our desire for Peace?

Start with yourself! Yes, you! No, it isn’t selfish, it is self-care, and one of the most important things if we are to come together for Peace.

Are you at Peace with yourself? Your body? Your mind? Your spirit? Is your Inner Voice one that is self-nurturing? Do you speak kindly, with love and Peace to yourself? Or are you run by your Inner Critic?

Start here. Be gentle with yourself. If you have lived for decades with a harsh Inner Critic then it will take time and patience to change that voice. Every time the critic turns up, step back and observe yourself with compassion. Then rewrite the message and transform it into one that is caring and supportive. It isn’t easy, you will slip up, but keep at it and feel the shifts within as your inner voice changes. These shifts will change how you walk in the world, they will change how you see others and how you think about them. They will also change how others see you.

How about your family? Your friends? Do you bring Peace or conflict into your relationships? How do arguments reflect on you? When you get angry, hurt, upset, etc., what within you is being triggered? Look there, observe the scene as it plays out as if you were in the theatre and watching yourself on the stage. What do you learn about yourself by observing what is happening? Can you change the scene and rewrite it to give a more peaceful outcome? If we bring Peace to situations, hold Peace within, we can move mountains.

Let us come together, work together, learn and grow together, for Peace. I will continue to write about it. If you are called to join me in my Peace Initiative, please let me know, and also follow this blog and my ‘Finding the Magic Within’ Facebook page.

I encourage you to devote 5 minutes a day to Peace. It can be spent finding Peace within yourself. It can be 5 minutes of prayer or meditation for Peace. Any way that works for you. I am part of a group who devotes 5 minutes a day to Peace. If you’d like to know more please contact me and I can send you the information.

If we can come together as a group, then the message and the work will expand exponentially. The power and energy of group work are immense and I would love to have you join me. Let’s replace fear with Peace and love!

I look forward to hearing from you, to you sharing your stories and your words of inspiration, and to us standing together to make a difference.

In Peace. Elizabeth


4 thoughts on “On Peace

  1. So much in this article. Great call to action. It only takes living for many to become that life-battle scarred person. It takes courage to learn from that experience to grow through and overcome those challenges to become the person in the mirror you want to be and like. Having gotten there, it is up to you, up to us all, to be people of peace and not conflict and help make the world a better place.


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